.Net SDK
Tokenio.TokenCluster Class Reference

Public Types

enum  TokenEnv {
  Development, Production, Integration, Sandbox,
  Staging, Performance

Static Public Member Functions

static TokenCluster GetCluster (TokenEnv env)

Static Public Attributes

static TokenCluster PRODUCTION => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.token.io", "web-app.token.io")
static TokenCluster INTEGRATION => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.int.token.io", "web-app.int.token.io")
static TokenCluster SANDBOX => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.sandbox.token.io", "web-app.sandbox.token.io")
static TokenCluster STAGING => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.stg.token.io", "web-app.stg.token.io")
static TokenCluster PERFORMANCE => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.perf.token.io", "web-app.perf.token.io")
static TokenCluster DEVELOPMENT => new TokenCluster("api-grpc.dev.token.io", "web-app.dev.token.io")


string WebAppUrl [get]
string Url [get]

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